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Aquadecor aquarium background story – an interview with mr. Florian Kovac, the founder of the Aquadecor brand

In today’s world, some of the most successful stories started in a garage. Does Aquadecor Aquarium Background brand share the same starting point? Where did it all start?

Our story didn’t start in a garage; it started in my room. Back in the day, my room was my peaceful haven. I made the first aquarium background in that room, but soon I switched to working in the shed. This shed was approximately nine sqm big, and that is where it all started.

In what moment has it occurred to you that this hobby of yours might become a great international success? Did you know it right from the beginning?

Believe it or not, I kind of new right from the start. I know it sounds like a broken record entrepreneur’s story, but it was like that. Like I previously explained in the Our Story section, on Aquadecor Aquarium Background website, I would spend hours looking at the result of my work. Bit by bit the whole picture started to show up.

What part of the process of making an aquarium background do you enjoy the most?

My favorite thing is dealing with the final details of an aquarium background. Some would call it the cherry on the top. Let’s not leave out the painting, as an exciting part. It affects the final look substantially, and you can change the looks of the 3d background easily.

Could you explain to our readers the process of ordering the custom-made Aquadecor aquarium background?

In short, our customers contact us, then we discuss their preferences and choose the model. To make things easier and more straightforward, we implemented the price calculator on Aquadecor Aquarium Background websiteCustomers can quickly fill out the form and receive a proximate price, shipping included.

Usually, customers reach out to us via email, after agreeing to the price, and in next 24 hours, we archive their order. Someone from our sales and customers supports team contacts them, and then we discuss details. Everyone in our team knows every single detail, from models and types of aquarium backgrounds we offer, to technical information concerning gear and filtration systems, which need to be hidden behind the background.

After Paypal or Bank Transfer payment confirmation, we make a unique sketch based on this specific customer’s need and wishes. Every customer receives this sketch, and after they confirm that all technical details are correct – dimensions, model, color, etc. – we start building this aquarium background, by hand.

We continue to check the quality and details along the way, from preparation until the last furnishing. Once it’s done, we take photos and send them back to our customers, for confirmation. After they approve, we transfer the background to our package and shipping sector, for further handling.

Once the customer confirms everything, we take the background to customs, in a 24-hour period. Then we receive the tracking package number, send it to the customer, and wait for the order to arrive at the chosen destination.

What is the most interesting aquarium background you’ve ever made? Any you proud of any customer in particular?

My absolute favorite of all times is the A10 model. Before uploading the model photo to the website, I have told my wife, who works as the sales manager in our company, that this is going to be the best-selling model. She was cheering for the A1 model. For now, I am still leading in this race, but I must make a better model, just in case. Her favorite model is only a few steps behind, slowly but steadily she is getting me.

Although I could brag about few names and brands, I will pass to pick a name, or two. But, what I would like to emphasize and proudly point to is the fact that most of our customers are returning customers. They are loyal to the brand, and in return, we always offer some discount, 10%-20%.

Are Aquadecor aquarium backgrounds sold worldwide?

Some five years ago, we only offered our background to local, Serbian market.  We are a Serbia-based company, so it was logical. Today, in 2018, almost 95% of our products are being sold to the international market. Recently we signed contracts with a large number of resellers and distributors, and now you can order directly from them. You can find a comprehensive list of resellers on our website.

What are your plans?

We are planning to start making the sea-water aquarium backgrounds and add this sea niche to our business. Also, in the future, we plan to open a few showrooms, and in some EU countries, so that our customers can see, touch, order and buy our products.

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