Uniqueness of our projects reflects in the fact and acknowledgement that only nature can create something more beautiful than what we make.

Are we telling the truth? See it yourself.

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We are Aquadecor, a Serbia based company that makes Aquariums and unique, hand made and custom made 3D backgrounds for aquariums and terrariums. We have existed since 2004, and since then we have designed and created many beautiful projects.

While constantly working on achieving a perfectly natural look of our 3D backgrounds our focus was on perfecting the quality of our aquariums and 3D backgrounds. That is why since 2016 our standard backgrounds come with a 20 year warranty, while some products even have a lifetime warranty. Aquadecor aquariums and backgrounds are created by the originator of 3D aquarium backgrounds in our country.

This is Mr Florian Kovac, an innovator, artist, creator, and the main designer. Working hard and aiming at the highest possible quality, he has continuously been developing new techniques since 2004 in order to satisfy his own high standards and his customers' wishes.

Welcome to Aquadecor Gallery

On this page, we proudly present aquariums decorated with Aquadecor backgrounds.

Classic rocks have become an absolute customers’ favorite over the past few years. A large variety of designs and colors and their natural look is what makes them ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids, or any other species that have rocks as a part of their natural habitat.

These sedimentary rocks can be used to mimic a perfect natural habitat of any freshwater species. We recommend B models for smaller, medium sized and large aquariums.

If you want to create a breath- taking piece of nature that will leave everyone in awe, these massive rocks with deep cracks and caves are perfect for you. Due to their accentuated 3D effect, they take up slightly more space than other types of backgrounds, which is why we…

With a large number of hiding places, porous rocks can be used to create a perfect environment for any freshwater or saltwater species.

If you are looking for a perfect background for your Discus fish, other American cichlids or any species found in Amazonian habitat, E models are exactly what you need.

Classic and massive rocks with a lot of cracks and hiding places, adapted to your room-divider aquarium.

All types of rocks in their slimmer version- save space in the aquarium, and create a beautiful 3D effect at the same time.

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