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3D classic rock aquarium backgrounds (A models) have become an absolute customers’ favorite over the past few years. A large variety of designs and colors, as well as their natural look, is what makes them ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids. Also it is great for any other species that have rocks as a part of their natural habitat. We recommend classic rocks aquarium backgrounds for fish tanks of any size.

These backgrounds come in several pieces. Setup is simple and easy and it needs to be glued to the glass with silicone for aquariums. They can be accompanied by the bottom and overhanging rocks in the same design and color.

All A models have a similar width, about 2 cm (less than 1″) in the thinnest parts. In the widest part it is about 17-18 cm (6-7″). If you want to find out how equipment can be hidden behind a background, please look through our page with setting up instructions.