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We proudly present our newest Aquadecor product – internal filters for aquariums, AquaFil-BIO.

You can order these filters with a background or alone.

If you decide to order them with a background, we can match the design of the filter to the background design. No matter what model you choose and the species of fish you plan to keep, we can match it. At the moment, we are offering four designs in all measurements. Also, it can be custom-made, positioned against the glass, in the corner of your aquarium, middle of the aquarium, etc.

AquaFil-BIO filters contain the same materials as our Slim G models, which means they take up almost no volume at all.

They are unique and handmade and can be taken out and cleaned when needed reused numerous times. Aqua-Fil BIO filters are ready for placing a submersible pump inside them and/or biological filter media.

You can see all the details on how to set everything up on setting up page. In case you have any questions or want to order our newest product, you can contact us at office@aquadecorbackgrounds.com.