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How to choose a background for aquarium

Let’s say that you have all the rest figured out, and you need an answer on one last question – how to choose an aquarium background? Even the simplest search on Google results in millions of possibilities, and it can be tricky to decide, especially if you are an inexperienced aquarist.


The first step in choosing the aquarium background

The first thing you have to understand is that different fish types require different backgrounds.  Every fish lives in different aquatic habitats. Therefore, some fish types live in salty water, and others live in fresh waters. In some other texts we’ve explained things more deeply, but for now, we’ll state the obvious: aquarium backgrounds have more than just one role.

These roles include:

  • Aesthetic purposes
  • Improving living conditions for aquarium inhabitants
  • Hiding the gear

How to choose an aquarium background in accordance with the fish species you own

How to choose an aquarium background? By making sure that is aligned with the needs of fish types you own. It is not a surprise that various fish species live in different habitat conditions. The first difference is related to the water salinity. Some fish prefer salty waters, some live exclusively in high-salinity waters, and other live in fresh water.

However, some fish species have adapted. Today they enjoy the fresh water in aquariums, even though they naturally live in salty waters. These species include bichirs and reedfish, catfish, cichlids, neotropical electric fish, and many others.

Classic rocks aquarium backgrounds

– are ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids, or any other species that have rocks as a part of their natural habitat. Malawi lake is one of the biggest in the world, and cichlids from this lake are one of the most beautiful, most famous and most common fish species in the human-made aquarium. This lake is known for its rocky landscape, and these fish enjoy gazing over the rocky aquarium backgrounds.  Sedimentary rocks can be used to mimic a perfect natural habitat of any freshwater species. They are ideal for spaces that are too „sterile“ and „boring“ since the horizontal lines break the monotonous single-colored walls.

Massive rocks

– are best for those who want to create a breathtaking piece of nature that will leave everyone in aweMassive rocks aquarium backgrounds come with deep cracks and caves. These are perfect for those who are not afraid to show-off a bit. The name says it all – these types of backgrounds are massive, therefore are more suitable for larger aquariums, they take up slightly more space than other types of backgrounds, which is why we recommend them for aquariums of larger dimensions. With a large number of hiding places, porous rocks aquarium backgrounds can be used to create a perfect environment for any freshwater or saltwater species. These have become particularly popular among marine aquariums enthusiasts.

Roots, and rocks background for aquarium

– if you are looking for a perfect aquarium background for your Discus fish, other American cichlids or any species found in Amazonian habitat, one of our trees, roots, and rocks aquarium backgrounds is just what you need. Created with a unique technique, these backgrounds are flexible and durable. The most important thing is- nobody will be able to tell whether it’s real tree or not!

wall mounted room divider aquarium background on table

Make sure that your aquarium complements the general aesthetics of your home or office space

There is a big difference between room-dividing and wall-mounted aquariums. In the case of room-dividing aquariums, you should have in mind that the aquarium should complement both premises. This is especially important in the case when it’s dividing two rooms with differing looks. Plus, aquariums are not precisely subtle interior accessories.

Surely, you can have any background you like and place any aquarium wherever you choose to. These references of ours are only meant to inspire those of you who are genuinely interested in styling their home or office space. Aquariums are usually big and impact the space greatly. They are well-known for their potent and positive feng shui influence and wealth and abundance attraction.

You can always reach out to us, and get professional advice

We know how frustrating it can be to search for the right answer on how to choose an aquarium background. That’s why we do our best to help you decide. All you need to do is to contact us. We suggest you take a closer look at the models offered on our website, simply to get the broad sense of possibilities and design solutions.

2 thoughts on “How to choose a background for aquarium”

  1. Hello. I am trying to decide on a rock background. I like the massive rocks look for my reef tank. The write up for how to chose a background says that massive rocks are for large aquariums. My aquarium is 170 gallon bow front, 60 inches long, 30 inches tall, and 16 inches from front to back. It has an overflow box at each corner. Is this size tank good for a massive rock style background? Thanks.

    1. Hi there. C Models are definitely something you want for that tank size, you have enough room to fit them and also have space left for creating caves with D 5 – bottom rocks. If you need any more information or guidelines don’t hesitate to write an email or send a quote for a model you like.

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