About this category

Small and nano aquarium backgrounds are here to meet the needs of all those who own smaller aquariums or so-called Nano aquariums. In addition to looking 100% natural, these decorations provide other options, such as hiding the filtration under the ornament. Also, it is there not to disturb the natural look of your aquarium. You can easily remove it from the aquarium during general cleaning, which means maintenance is effortless. 

Most of the decorations are of non-floating materials. They don`t have to be fixed or siliconed to the bottom. If you need to fit a pipe or make a slot for water suction, you can do it with a home drill. 

Install smaller branches by simply drilling a few holes in the decoration. Also, easily fit smaller plants that do not take food from the substrate. If you define all the things you need in agreement with us, we can do it for you during the production. 

Our models are available in specific dimensions, but we can make changes regarding the sizes in some cases. Of course, all these decorations from the “Q” section can also be decorative segments for larger aquariums. 

For any additional questions, contact us via office@aquadecorbackgrounds.com.