Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions we receive from our customers on a daily basis. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us via email [email protected]. Before doing so, please check this list carefully.

How can I order a background?

What are backgrounds made of?

You can calculate the price on this page, or email us directly to [email protected]m.

There are two types of backgrounds- regular and slim models. Regular backgrounds are made of a special type of expanded polystyrene, suitable for wet environments and coated with several layers of special protective materials.

Slim models are made of rubber mixed with special ingredients and coated with protective layers as well.

Where will the equipment (heater, suction pipe) be placed?

My aquarium has reinforcements. Can I still put a background in it?

Standard backgrounds have one or more chambers made for suction pipe and heater. Water enters those chambers through naturally looking cracks or a space between the glass and the background. Freshwater outtake is to be placed over the background. The aim is to hide all that unattractive plumbing behind.

Standard Aquadecor backgrounds consist of several pieces for a simple and easy setup. Slim backgrounds come in one piece, but are very flexible and can be easily inserted in an aquarium with any kind of reinforcements.

What are bottom and overhanging rocks?

Are backgrounds safe for my fish?

All backgrounds can be accompanied by additional rocks in the same color as the background. There are two types of bottom rocks- floating and non-floating. Floating rocks need to be glued to the bottom, while non-floating are much heavier and can be put in an already setup aquarium.

Overhanging rocks are placed under the reinforcements and are held by the water pressure. They don’t move, even though they don’t require gluing.

All backgrounds are 100% neutral to all environments and are completely safe.

Is it difficult to mount a background?

Can I pay via PayPal?

Both standard and slim backgrounds are very easy to install. You will receive instructions on how to do it, and you can also watch the videos on this page.

Yes, you will receive payment instructions as soon as you make an order. Beside PayPal, we accept payments through bank transfer.

How long does it take to make a background?

I saw a photo of a background on your social media, can I order the same model for my aquarium?

It takes 10 business days to make a background, and 5-15 business days to deliver it.

Each background that can be seen on our website or social media can be made again in the dimensions of your aquarium.

Does a background take up too much space?

Can I use a background for a marine aquarium?

The width of the background depends on the width of your aquarium. You determine the maximum thickness of the background at the most prominent areas. We always make sure to achieve the best 3D effect without taking up too much space.

Yes, but in that case, the background should be coated with a few additional protective layers. If you want to order a background for a marine aquarium, please don’t forget to mention that detail while making an order.

What are sidepanels?

Sidepanels are parts of the background that cover one or both sides of the aquarium. If you have an aquarium in a wall, or one side of an aquarium directly facing a wall, it would be a good idea to cover that side as well. If you choose to cover one or both sides, please contact our team at [email protected]