Frequently asked questions

These are the most common questions we receive from our customers on a daily basis. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us via email [email protected]. Before doing so, please check this list carefully.

How do I order a background?

How can I pay?

First visit our online price calculator, enter internal measurements of your aquarium and choose your favorite model. When you send a request from that page, we will get back to you within 24 hours with payment details.

We accept payments through PayPal, so you would need to have an active PayPal account.

How long does it take to get a background?

What are backgrounds made of?

It takes around 10-12 business days to make a background, and 5-15 business days to deliver it. Larger backgrounds and custom models require more time. During a busy holiday season, delivery can take more than expected, so if you plan to order during a major holiday such as Christmas or Easter, make sure to take this into account.

We have developed a special, extremely durable and natural-looking material, suitable for all environments. All backgrounds are covered with protective layers and are completely neutral in water.

Can I use an Aquadecor background in a marine setup or a terrarium?

I have an overflow box (weir), can I still order a background?

All Aquadecor backgrounds can be safely used in marine setups, terrariums, paludariums and similar. If you have species with sharper teeth or claws, make sure to let us know in advance.

Since all backgrounds are custom made, any model can be made to cover the overflow box (weir). It is suggested to make the background lower around the filter, where the grid is.

I have an external filter, how can this work?

I have a HOB filter, how can this work?

With standard models (A, B or C models), we make chambers for inlets and heaters. When it comes to slim (E and G models), all equipment can be placed behind the background.

With HOB filters, only slim models (E and G models) can work.

Do backgrounds come in parts? I have support bars on the aquarium, will the background fit?

Can I mount a background myself? What do I need for that?

Most of our backgrounds are made in parts, so the support braces are not a problem. Some slim models are flexible enough to be installed through smaller openings.
While placing an order, make sure to measure the size of the opening, so we can make sure you are not going to have any issues installing the background.
All Aquadecor backgrounds are easy to install. For some models, you will need silicone for aquariums. Slim models don’t need to be siliconed, but can (that is optional).
You will receive detailed instructions on how to install your background. Make sure to visit our “Videos” page where we showed how to install both slim and standard backgrounds.

I would like to order a background, but I can't find that model in the price calculator.

If I order a background, will I get exactly what I see on the website?

Most of our “older” models can still be re-created. Feel free to email us for a price, or if you can identify a group of models (for example- you know it is an A model, but not sure which one), you can check its price in the price calculator. All models within a certain category cost the same.

All backgrounds are custom made, hand made and unique. We cannot make two identical backgrounds, but what you order will be very similar to what you see on the website.

What if I order a background and not like it?

What does your warranty mean?

When your background is ready, we will send you photos of it (and all additional items if you ordered them), taken from different angles. If there is something you don’t like, we can change it, while the background is still here. That applies to the design, color, size of the rocks, etc…

Some models have a lifetime warranty, while other have a 20 year warranty. This means that, if during that period something happens, we will send you a replacement background, in the same color, model and size. In order to accept your claim, we will need to receive a few photos that clearly show the damage, and your proof of payment (bill from PayPal). We don’t accept claims in case you mishandles the background, modified it in any way (coated with anything, used another paint to modify the color, etc…).

How safe are the backgrounds?

What if my background arrives damaged?

All Aquadecor backgrounds are perfectly safe and neutral. This means you should handle the aquarium like you normally would- it still needs to be cycled, cleaned from algae and maintained properly.

Although uncommon, it can happen that a background gets damaged during transport. If you receive a damaged background, make sure to send us photos of the damaged immediately. If it is a minor damage, we will instruct you how to fix it. If it is a major damage that cannot be easily fixed, we will send you a replacement background.

Can I choose the sizes of the bottom rocks and logs?

When you ship my background, will I receive a tracking number?

You can choose the sizes of all additional items (driftwood, rocks, logs, standing logs), or let us choose for you based on the size of your aquarium. For rocks, we will send you a list of all available sizes. For standing logs, maximum height is 120 cm, and the diameter can vary from 5 to 15 cm. Logs can be up to 120 cm long, in various diameters.

Most packages are tracked, and you can ask for a tracking number. If you have a tracking number and there are no updates for some time, it is perfectly normal and that is not a reason for concern. We ship to almost all countries in the world, and delivery takes some time. Packages are scanned at certain checkpoints, and tracking info is not updated on a daily basis. During a holiday season, delivery can take more than expected and we appreciate your patience in these situations.

I have a background from you which I ordered a while ago, can I order rocks and/or logs separately now? Will they match in color?

Can I order additional items (rocks, logs) without ordering a background?

You can order additional items separately. The color can be very similar, but not identical because all paints are hand mixed.

You can order additional items without ordering a background. All additional items are sold in sets, and they are listed under D models.
Even though the rocks are shown in one color, we can make them in the color scheme of your choice.

Do you ship to my country?

How much is the shipping?

We ship to most countries in the world. If you can find your country on the list in the price calculator, that means we ship to your country.

The cost of shipping depends on the size of the background and your location. All prices shown in the price calculator already include the cost of shipping.

How massive are your backgrounds?

I have a Juwel aquarium with its original filter. How can I order a background?

This depends on the model. We always make sure to create the best 3D effect without taking up too much space. A and C models are around 16-17 cm wide in the widest parts, and 2 cm wide in the thinnest parts. B models are more massive, around 20 cm in the widest parts. E and G models are slim models, around 4-5 cm wide in the thickest parts.
We don’t make slim A models, if you are worried about a standard model taking up too much space, we suggest ordering an E or a G model.
All background models can be made for any Juwel aquarium with its original filter. There is no need to measure it, we already have all measurements.
We only need the exact model name of the aquarium, and, of course, background model you would like.

I have an aquarium of a certain brand, or a certain volume. What measurements do you need?

How can I clean my 3D background?

While ordering a background, we need internal measurements of your aquarium. We don’t work with standard measurements (except Juwel), as each country has different brands, different sizes and different filters. That is why we ask you to measure your aquarium personally and send us its internal length, height and if you want to order side panels as well- its width.

Any Aquadecor background can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a regular brush (such as the ones used on nails in nail salons). Do not use a knife, scalpel or a brush with metal bristles, and similar sharp objects.

Will algae eaters damage my background?

Which silicone should I use to install the background?

Algae eaters cannot damage your Aquadecor background and you can safely keep them in your aquarium.

Only silicone for aquariums should be used. There are different brands in different countries, and we cannot suggest a certain brand, but if it can be used to glue aquarium glass, you can safely use it to glue the background. If installed properly, the background will stay in place for years.

Can I use another type of glue, magnets or weights to install the background?

Do I have to empty my aquarium in order to install a background?

No, only silicone for aquariums should be used to install a background that needs to be siliconed.

This depends on the model. If you ordered a slim background (E or G models), you don’t need to empty the aquarium in order to install the background. If you ordered a standard background (A, B, C or K models) that needs to be siliconed, you will have to empty the aquarium.