A few videos about us and our quality


A short video about who we are and what we do.

The quality of Aquadecor Backgrounds

We performed a few tests to demonstrate the quality of our backgrounds.

Rubber Mats

In this video we talk about our newest product, rubber mats, and their purpose.

Slim Backgrounds in two or more parts

Sometimes slim backgrounds need to be cut in more parts, and video explains how it is done, why, and how it affects the general look of the bacground.

Slim 3D Backgrounds

All about our slim design- why choose a slim background, and how to set it up.

Additional Pieces of Wood- Logs and Branches

In this video we explain why you should use artificial logs instead of real ones, and how to set them up.

Additional Bottom and Overhanging Rocks

All about our additional rocks- what types of rocks are available, their advantages, purpose and installation.

Standard 3D Backgrounds

All about standard 3D backgrounds- installation, maintenance and ways to hide equipment behind.