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All payments are made in advance. Aquadecor has the right to require advance payment of 100% of the asking price as a condition for acceptance of the offer and in order to start the production process.

All prices include the cost of the ordered products, packaging and shipping, but do not include potential customs/import fees and charges your country might charge you prior to delivery. We ship from Serbia, and since different countries have different customs tariffs, please contact your local post office for more information about whether or not you will be charged import duties prior to delivery. Aquadecor does not cover or is responsible for any extra costs/import fees/duties that you might be charged by your customs office/government.

It takes around 10-12 business days to make a background, but larger projects, custom projects, projects with custom requests might need a few days extra to complete. You will be informed in advance if the production of your order is going to take longer than 10-12 business days. After your order is ready, you will receive a few photos to review before we ship your products. Preparing an order for shipment takes between 1-3 business days.

All communication is done through emails only. Our social media team (Facebook, Instagram and other) cannot process orders or, does not have insights in customers’ orders and cannot answer your questions regarding a specific order.

Delivery to most countries takes between 5 and 15 business days on average. In certain cases (holidays, pandemics and similar) delays can be expected. In these cases, there is nothing we can do but wait for your package to be processed by the shipping company. If 30 business days have passed, and your package still hasn’t been delivered, we will file a claim and if the result of the claim is that the package has been lost or damaged, you will be eligible for a refund or a replacement product. This happens in very rare circumstances.

Make sure to double check your delivery address before purchasing.

If you want to cancel your order before we ship it, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 40% of the total value of your order.

Placing your order

When placing your order and entering the measurements of your aquarium, make sure to provide only the exact internal measurements. The measurements you provide will be the size of your background. We don’t work with standard aquarium brands, as each country has their own brands. You should measure your aquarium personally. If it turns out that the measurements you provided were incorrect, we will not be responsible for that, and you will be charged for additional modifications of the products. The cost of those charges will depend on the amount of work that needs to be done.

When your order is ready, you will receive a few photos of the entire setup and all products you ordered, for your review and approval. When you approve that we can ship the products to you, we will not accept additional remarks or complaints regarding the color, shape, size and design of the products.

If you receive a damaged product, this has to be reported immediately to us. If you don’t inform us within 48 hours after receiving the product, we will not accept any additional claims regarding that. If the product is damaged, please take as many photos of the damage as possible and send it to us. If the damage is minor, we will instruct you how to fix it. If it is a major damage that cannot be easily fixed, we will send you a replacement product, and you will be asked to ship the damaged product back, free of charge. In some cases, it is possible that we arrange a pick up of the damaged product from you.

Warranty and claims

Some products come with a 20 year warranty, while others come with a lifetime warranty.

The warranty is not valid if the damaged on the background was caused by mishandling, improper installation, sharp objects, harsh chemicals or similar.

We are not responsible if the aquarium gets damaged or scratched during installation due to improper installation and handling of the background.

If you modify the background and other products, in any shape or form, the warranty will not be applicable after that.

If you order products that require the use of silicone, make sure to use silicone for aquariums, and to double check its expiration date. All products that require to be siliconed must be left to cure/dry for at least 48 hours before placing them in water.

Your aquarium should be treated the same way it would if there wasn’t a background (or other decoration in it). This means reagular aquarium cleaning, regular gravel cleaning, water changes and similar. The aquarium needs to be fully cycled before adding the fish.

All Aquadecor products are completely neutral and do not change the quality of the water, the parameters of the water, the growth of algae and similar.

If the background gets damaged while the warranty is valid, with the above written exceptions, we will send you a replacement background, the same model in the same size. You will be asked to send use photos of the entire background, as well as the damaged parts.

Aquadecor backgrounds need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. If you don’t clean the background regularly, a heavy algae build up may occur. Cleaning such heavy algae build up can cause you to rip off an entire piece of the background. We do not accept claims regarding the damage if the background had been previously neglected and not maintained properly.

Please note that certain foods with red dye, certain conditioners and treatments with potassium permanganate, red gravel and other items that contain red pigment, can turn your products red or pink, and these products should not be used in aquariums with our decorations.

If you ordered a background with a lot of caves, cracks and hiding spots, please don’t keep small fish in the tank, as they can get stuck in those cracks and die. Please be responsible while choosing fish for your tank, and make sure to keep fish appropriate for the tank size and background you have.

Please read installation instructions carefully before installing your background. If your background needs to be siliconed, pay attention to each step and do exactly as written in the instructions.

If you have any questions or issues, make sure to email us before you modify the background and other products in any way. If you modify your products and then email us, we won’t be able to help you.
If installed properly, any background model can stay in place for many years. The most common causes of potential problems are:
1. Use of old/expired silicone
2. Not using enough silicone or not pressing it well enough against the glass
3. Using silicone not made for aquariums, or using other types of sealant
4. Not letting the silicone cure/dry properly before adding water
5. Rinsing/soaking the background before installing it
6. Installing the background in a tank that is not fully dry or clean
So make sure you follow the instructions, and to email us in case you have any questions.
Even though the backgrounds and other products are very durable, they still need to be handled gently, with care. It is important not to use a brush with harsh bristles to clean the products.
Use only gentle brushes and make sure to clean your products regularly if needed. It is important to keep the protective coating intact.