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Massive rocky 3D aquarium backgrounds are made for large, mega aquariums with a width that exceeds 60 cm (23 inches). We made them for those who would like a complete setup. 

Therefore, these sets come with various additions, such as side panels and bottom rocks. If you want an idea of how to decorate your cichlid aquarium, or you are looking for a complete “story,” C models will be perfect for you. Bottom rocks that come with these models do not need to be glued to the bottom. They can be moved around and help create more caves and hiding spots when placed next to the background, which is why cichlids love them. 

These models are very massive, around 20-22 cm (8″-9″) in the most comprehensive parts. They come in pieces, and also they need to be glued to the aquarium using aquarium-safe silicone.