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High-quality aquarium backgrounds with a lifetime warranty

We produce high-quality aquarium backgrounds that come with the years-long warranty. However, there is more value in motion pictures than in words on digital paper, that’s why we took time to film a few things that prove the quality of our backgrounds.

Aquadecor backgrounds are resistant to hydrochloric acid

One of the most important things regarding the overall state of your aquarium is keeping the Ph level at the appropriate level. The reason that draws aquarists away from the idea of bringing a natural stone to the aquarium is limestone. Limestone is a natural component of stones and rocks of all types. However, it is highly concentrated in calcium carbonate, which slowly dissolves in water. The result is a change in water hardness and Ph levels.

You can easily check the presence of limestone, by simply exposing the piece of rock to hydrochloric acid. You see, hydrochloric acid is a highly potent fluid. By the laws of chemistry reacts to calcium carbonate, releasing the CO2 gas during the process. If pouring the acid over the stone results into a bubbly, foamy action – be sure that limestone is present.

Aquadecor produces high-quality aquarium backgrounds that can withhold any amount of HCL, proving that there isn’t any limestone, not even in traces. You can rest assured that these backgrounds will not interfere with water Ph levels in your aquarium.

These high-quality aquarium backgrounds don’t react to acetone

Acetone is another chemical fluid that is highly reactive to surfaces. It is used to remove paint and dissolve some materials in labs. You may know it better as a nail polish remover. All in all, it is a strong, reactive chemical that is inexorable to most surfaces and materials. Luckily, our and hopefully yours-to-be aquarium backgrounds don’t react to acetone.

flame test on high-quality aquarium backgrounds by aquadecor backgrounds

Aquadecor backgrounds can resist open flame and boiling water

Exposing materials to heat usually leads to noticeable damage. Believe it or not, exposing Aquadecor backgrounds to open flame doesn’t do much or, as you can see in the following excerpt – it doesn’t do any harm. You will not expose your aquarium to these severe conditions. However, it is good to know that exposure to heat will not reshape or lose the viscosity of your background.

Boiling water is another thing that leaves our high-quality aquarium backgrounds untouched. It may not seem obvious, but this can be quite handy if you decide to disinfect the background with hot, boiling water.

These high-quality aquarium backgrounds function perfectly under pressure

We tend to forget that the body of water inside your fish tank weighs heavily. Although this pressure is evenly distributed across the background surface, it is still a slather of pounds. That is why it is super important to make sure that the background you are embedding into your aquarium is sturdy but flexible.

To show you how sturdy our backgrounds are, we drove a 1500kg car over one of our slim modelsThe model didn’t lose its elasticity, nor it has suffered any damageThe stamina of these high-quality aquarium backgrounds means that you can clean them with ease and of fear of damaging. Over time, algae and various debris deposit on aquarium surfaces, including the background. All previously mentioned is not mentioned by accident, or for a simple caprice. We want to reassure you that you can gently clean your Aquadecor background, even with chemicals like hydrochloric acid, if you choose to do that.

The best proof of quality is a vast number of returning customers

With no intention to brag about our business, we proudly mark a large number of returning customers as the key ingredient to our success. Our business grew along with our customers and their needs, and it continues to grow. Our story is a classic business story because there was no business on our mind when we started making backgrounds. Today, we think of it as a business, but we never lost the passion and love for the aquarium and its inhabitants.

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