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Model D 36 – Ragged Catappa leaves

If you want to achieve a more natural look in your tank, these artificial Catapa leaves would be perfect for that. They resemble leaves that have already started decomposing, and we suggest combining them with a set of D9 Catappa leaves which look like fresh leaves. They are completely neutral, don’t release any substances into water and don’t need to be soaked or weighed down. Additionally, they can create hiding spots for spawning, as well as for small fish to hide.
They can be ordered on their own or with other items, such as logs, rocks or a background.
They are between 10 cm and 17 cm long (4″- 7″).

About Aquadecor "D" Models

– All items are handmade and unique
– Ready to use (no special prep needed)
– Time needed for production: 10-12 business days

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