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Model D 46 – Standing logs

If you are looking for a creative way to decorate your Discus tank, these natural looking, standing logs with tree bark are a perfect choice. These logs are hollow and can be installed in several ways- siliconed to the bottom of the tank; a few small stones can be placed in them to keep them in place; a few stones can be placed around them to keep them in place; a small amount of sand can be placed inside them to keep them in place, and other.
Their maximum height in the set is 70 cm (28″). Please specify the height you would like. If not specified, their height will be 70 cm (28″). Their diameters are around 4-12 cm.
If you want logs taller than 70 cm (28″), please email us.

About Aquadecor "D" Models

– All items are handmade and unique
– Ready to use (no special prep needed)
– Time needed for production: 10-12 business days

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