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Aquarium decorations – a few things to have in mind when buying aquarium decor

If you have owned a fish tank for several years, then you could probably write this blog post as good as us. Even the biggest aquarist amateur can become an expert in the field of aquarium decorations. Reason for this is rather simple – aquarium decorations are more than just an embellishment. These knick-knacks are tools that make life easier for fish in captivity.

There are two main categories

  • Man-made
  • Nature-made

There are numerous subcategories, but almost all aquarium decorations can be added under the man-made or nature-made subcategory. A perfect aquarium houses the best of both worlds, sturdy and reliable man-made necessities and accessories, and subtle, but unavoidable natural accents.

Manufactured aquarium decorations

Made by a human hand, or a non-human robotic one, manufactured aquarium decorations have their perks. But they, sometimes, can give you a bit of an uncalled-for headache. Even the smallest fish tank décor detail, which is perhaps made from lower-quality plasticky substance, can mess up your fish tank. It can even cause serious harm to your scaly pets.

aquarium decorations in fish tank

The biggest “detail” of any aquarium is the background. Even room-dividing aquariums look better and more appealing if you add more dimension to them. Since an aquarium background takes up the biggest amount of aquarium space, you can easily conclude that this might be the most important aspect of aquarium decorations dilemma.

But don’t think that even the smallest detail, such as a little plastic diver piece, couldn’t cause the same amount of problems as some big chunk of an aquarium background. Luckily, most of the aquarium decorations out there are of the highest and controlled quality.

Not every aquarium decoration product is a good product

Make sure that you are always buying from a reliable manufacturer. Our handmade aquarium backgrounds have a declaration and are of the highest quality. Sadly, our past distributor has copied our brand. So you shoud be careful about buying a good background.

The only reason we are mentioning this is to show you that sometimes you really need to keep your eyes open. You shouldn’t believe everything you read on the web. Admittedly, this came as a shock to all of us. However, no great thing was ever done without challenges along the way.

We at Aquadecor take great pride in the fact that we have customers from all parts of the world. Our Story is decade-and-a-half long, and it saddens us to witness this outrageous larceny of our work and even our brand name. If you want to know how it all started read all about us on our story page.

Living Creatures as Aquarium Decorations

Obviously, fish are the living organisms of an aquarium. The main purpose of any aquarium decorations is to enhance this man-made accommodation and make it as cozy as possible for them. Aquarium décor is more than just pretty things scattered around this body of water. Be cautious while decorate aquarium with living creatures.

Technically, you can, although we wouldn’t recommend you to bring plants and other living beings from natural aquatic habitat into your aquarium. Natural habitats are well-balanced eco-systems. Our goal is to mimic that, but by bringing a blade of coastline seagrass into your fish tank, could result in bringing in some unwanted living creatures, as well.

When buying living aquarium decorations make sure they come from a quality-controlled market. These specimens are either produced in controlled environments or treated for parasites and harmful diseases.

Aesthetics of Aquarium Decorations

The last but not the least important remark is the one regarding the aesthetic purpose of aquarium decorations. Once again, we are highlighting the fact that the fish tank décor is more than just an appealing accent, but an important part of the fish unnatural habitat. Fish live inside and around aquarium decorations, just like you live, or work, near your aquarium. You don’t need to be a psychologist nor a scientist to understand that we are sensitive to our environment as much as any other living creature. If you are a proud owner of an aquarium, then you know that you spend much time taking care or simply enjoying the view of fish mingling in front of you.

That’s why it is super important to have an aquarium that is pleasing for your eye, as well. Every little detail needs to be in perfect balance. The type of fish you own, the size of the aquarium… Where it is placed in your home or office, the background and greenery, and other accents and accessories.

The biggest challenge is to find an aquarium background that will be in alignment with the needs of your scaly pets. Also to be in harmony with the rest of your home décor, and general look you are aiming for. We proudly emphasize the fact that our hand-made products come in endless combinations of models and colors. We can please even the most demanding aesthete, since we are not manufacturing backgrounds in pre-decided series. Our team is making them in complete accordance with your needs and wishes

Check our abundant selection of models and contact us without hesitation.

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