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Modern aquarium background – caprice or a real need?

Years ago, modern aquarium upkeep wasn’t the easiest job. Water pumps used to be low-capacity, filters would clog up quickly and the aesthetic purpose of an aquarium was minimal. Today, aquariums are not a part of our living room, but its centerpiece. Usually voluminous, these water-filled tanks represent our abundance and bring peace to our space and mind. The calming energy of this body of water, enriched with the most fragile beings – fish, easily brings us to an alpha state of mind. But, today’s aquariums wouldn’t be what they are, without one crucial detail – aquarium background for a fish tank! If this is merely a caprice or a genuine need, read in the following lines.

Aquariums are storytelling pieces of art

In the last few decades, aquarists went to the next level. Fish owners became passionate keepers of some of the most delicate species and specimens, and most of them want to make their water-living pets feel at home, as much as possible.

Modern aquarium owners care about aesthetics, as well. A 125-gallon aquarium takes up a lot of space, and it would be a nuisance to have less than an amazingly beautiful fish tank. Spotless and speckles glass, clear water, Cichlids, and Clownfish are beautiful, but what adds up to the beauty is a carefully selected aquarium background. Different backgrounds tell different stories, but the story that everybody wants to tell the most is the one that best mimics natural habitat.

On the other hand, aquarium backgrounds themselves became an art niche. Design masters who are genuinely passionate about the aquatic world are doing a fantastic job. Not only that they are designing appealing nature-like backgrounds, but they are doing fish a tremendous and honest favor.

Without a background, aquarium is just a see-through water-and-fish filled box

Without an adequate background, aquariums are not much. However, with the carefully chosen aquarium background for a fish tank, they become the safe haven for fish. With all honesty, natural habitat is the best habitat for fish, but if you are choosing to keep fish in an office or at home, the least you could do is mimic the natural habitat.

It’s not only that fish enjoy the view, but they also have a functional relationship with their surroundings. And a natural fish surrounding is more than just the water. Light, temperature, plants, and other fish are a part of natural habitat as well. The same goes for rocks, logs, laminated rocks, sand, etc.

Some fish like to hide behind rocks, some lay their eggs in nooks and crannies, and some small fish like to spend their early days safely hidden away from larger fish, until they reach an adequate age and size.

Choose your background according to the fish type you own

Just like you know that aquariums need to be illuminated from above, or that the water must be of precise temperature, you should know that some fish prefer clean sandy areas, with scattered logs, while others prefer rocky cliffs filled with holes.

We have dedicated years of research and design to this product, and today we can confidently say that we offer one of the best selection of aquarium backgrounds for a fish tank on the market, worldwide. One of the perks of our brand is that you can get any background model in any color. We would recommend that you choose the kind of background according to your fish specimens’ needs and preferences first. You can select the color, however, in compliance with the rest of your interior color palette and personal preferences.

Feel free to roam around our online gallery and explore numerous models and aquarium background subtypes.

A few extra reasons why you should get a 3D aquarium background for a fish tank today

We thought about every single detail. That’s why our aquarium backgrounds have openings for filter intakes, heaters, and other equipment. You can easily hide all your aquarium gear inside or behind these 3D backgrounds, which substantially adds up to the overall feel & look of the aquarium.

Aquarium background for a fish tank

Another advantage of a pre-built 3D aquarium background for a fish tank is that it makes your fish tank appear bigger and more in-depth, or wider in a sense. If you spend a little extra time and adjust aquarium lights, you can get an even more dramatic look, which mimics a natural habitat even more.

Just like you like to rest on a cozy sofa, fish like to swim back and front in appealing scenery. Think of this aquarium background as a giant TV screen for the fish. They don’t have cable underwater. They only have rocks and logs.

We spend our leisure time learning more about the fish world and its needs and habits. When we go back to the lab, we do our best to implement these new insights. We design new backgrounds as often as possible, as we try to make our product fresh and innovative.

Aquarium background is a need

Aquarium background for a fish tank is a must-have product, but it needs to be safe and harmless for fish and other aquarium creatures. You cannot just put a random log straight out of a pond and hope for the best. Make sure to choose a high-quality aquarium background for a fish tank.

It’s not that you need to have an aquarium background, the fish are the ones in need of it. You are doing them a favor, and the aesthetic side of this feature is only a bonus for you. Pick a background for your fish tank today, and your fish will thank you.

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