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Beginner aquarium fish that will thrive in every aquarium

Beginner aquarium fish? Well, lots of questions pop into beginner’s mind once starting an aquarium – what size to choose, how about filtration and heating, will one fish species get along with another, etc. Answers to these question require a bit of research, and following your own instinct. However, there are a few types of aquarium fish that are easier to keep. Those fish types are usually the ones we all start with, and later introduce specie that require special care and caution.

Some general rules you should always follow. For example keeping your aquarium water fresh and healthy. Making sure that the water is at the right pH level, maintain adequate water temperature, etc. All these factors are there for one reason. That is to keep your scaly pets happy and as serene as possible. Since you are recreating their natural habitat, it is wise to learn about their natural habitat as much as possible. Also, have in mind that the fish we can buy today in a store, was born in the artificial environment, and probably is a 50th generation born in an aquarium. So, the chances are that these little creatures are tough and can accommodate to next aquarium easily.

#1 Tetra

Tetras are definitely aquarium staples. You’ll see them with those who are just starting to explore the world of aquaristic, but they are also very common among experienced aquarists. Most tetras can live up to a decade, and come in dozens of varieties. Relatively small in size, they are easy to maintain and prefer to be surrounded by their own specie. You can keep singles, but once in a group they parade around the fish tank and create that soothing atmosphere you could watch for hours.

Not all tetra sub-species are easy to keep, but Neon Tetra, Candy Cane Tetra, and many others are. They prefer temperature around 70° F, and 5-7 pH levels. One of the most attractive subtype is a Black Skirt Tetra. But, make sure to have rock-like background and lots of hiding places for these little fellows.

#2 Danio

Originally from Southeast Asia, danio is another aquarium fish specie than you can easily keep in your aquarium, as a beginner aquarium fish. You’ll easily recognize them by their elongated and usually striped or dotted body. Although they can adjust to temperature levels, it’s best to keep your water above 70 ° F.

pair of danio aquarium fish

Danios like to swim, so keep room in your fish tank for that. It’s best to have a longer fish tank model and make sure to cover your aquarium with a lid, since danio fish can easily jump out of one. You can get more information about danio fish here. Keep at least six of them at a time and decorate the inside of the aquarium properly.

#3 Betta

This luxurious looking aquarium fish can really make your aquarium more vivid and appealing. Their lavish red tales contrast the green and the blue so nicely, that you can spot a betta in an aquarium immediately. Have in mind that only male Betta have those bright fins. However, as it is with most males, they tend to fight with each other, so its best to keep only one betta. Still, they tend to get along with other fish species.

betta aquarium fish purple and red

Unlike many other aquarium fish species, a betta can live in still waters, less oxygenated than other. On the other side, they prefer a warmer climate, ideally above 76 ° F. The trickiest thing about owning an aquarium is combining the fish species and making sure that all of their needs are met.

#4 Black Molly

Black mollies are known for their above-average breeding habits. That’s why it is somewhat important to keep two to three female mollies on every male. It is probably best to keep only one male per tank, in order to avoid the drama.

Keep pH levels somewhere between 7.5 and 8.2. Also, water temperature is ideal between 70° F to 80° F. Black mollies love greenery, so fill your tank up with all sorts of plants.

#5 Kuhli Loach

Although many other fish types could fit perfectly in this little article, we decided to name kuhli loach, as the last on the list of beginner aquarium fish that are easy to keep. This fish specie reminds a bit an eel, but they belong to different subtype and are quite easy to keep, due to their well-known hardiness. Their natural habitat is located in the stream-waters of Southeast asia, and they tend to dwell in the lower part of aquarium, especially at the very bottom.

They prefer higher water temperature and lower pH levels. During the day they hide in the sand or other appropriate places and become active in the evening and night hours. Kuhli loach is a peaceful aquarium fish type and you can keep them surrounded by one their own kind, or other fish species that are peaceful by nature, as well.

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