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Model Set 1

About this Aquadecor set

This set consists of 6 non-floating bottom rocks and 20 artificial Catappa leaves. The rocks are hollow inside, don’t need to be soaked or siliconed and can be moved around and reused an unlimited number of times. The leaves are made in natural looking brownish, reddish and yellowish tones, while the rocks are made in warm earthy tones.
If you would like to order this set in different colors, make sure to leave us a note below.
The approximate sizes of the rocks in this set are: HxWxD: 21x26x23 cm; 16x22x12 cm; 12x24x14 cm; 17x18x16 cm; 20x29x20 cm; 17x33x21 cm. Catappa leaves are around 9-16 cm long.


For CUSTOM requests and additional
information please CONTACT US