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Model M 4 – Magnetic Rocks


Create your own unique setup with our newest product- magnetic rocks. The rocks can be arranged however you like- you can attach them to the back of the tank, or the sides. They can be used to hide the equipment as well. The maximum width of the rocks (front to back) is around 15 cm (6″). For a better effect, we suggest using black or blue foil on the back of the tank.
The smaller set is suggested for tanks that are around 48″ long and 21″ tall (122 cm x 53 cm) or similar.
The larger set is suggested for tanks that are around 71″ long and 24″ tall (185 cm x 61 cm) or similar.

About Aquadecor Magnetic Rocks

– Handmade and unique (each product comes in random shapes)
– Easy to remove, clean and re-use
– Can be used to hide equipment (heaters, pumps and similar)
– Can be placed on back of the tank or sides

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