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Model E 16 – Slim Amazonian Background

All prices include the cost of shipping. Please check the measurements of your tank before you order.

What's the difference?

Difference between Magnets VS Vacuum Suction Cups

Medium flex backgrounds come in 2-3 parts and don’t need to be siliconed to the tank. They are flexible to a certain extent, and the seams between the parts are not noticeable as they follow the natural lines of the rocks. They can be installed in aquariums already filled with water. They come with a 10 year warranty. Time needed for production: 10-12 business days.

Ultra flex backgrounds is our new premium line of 3D backgrounds. They are very flexible and come in one part. They come with magnets attached on the back, which make the installation very easy and simple. The magnets are coated with a protective film. Ultra flex backgrounds can be installed in a full aquarium. They come with a lifetime warranty.. Time needed for production: 10-12 business days.

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Amazonian 3D Backgrounds offer a natural and authentic look. They are easy to install and just a simple and effective way to hide your filters and recreate a natural habitat that resembles the Amazon. These 3D backgrounds are also great for community fish tanks.

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