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Terms and Conditions

  • Please note that because of Covid-19, the speed of delivery to certain countries has significantly decreased. In some cases, delivery may take 30 or even 60 business days. In these cases, there is nothing we can do except wait. Once we send a package, we no longer have control over it, and we cannot affect how customs in different countries work, and how fast and efficient they are. We will always make the products in time, and ship them as promised, and then send you the tracking number. After that, we cannot know when your package will be delivered. Tracking websites don't always show accurate updates, and they are not updated on a daily basis. When placing your order, please take this into consideration, because your order might arrive much later than expected, and much later than it usually would. In these situations, we are unable to provide more information about the delivery dates, and the only thing we can do is wait. This does not mean that you package is lost, it simply means it will be delivered later than expected.
  • For all orders from abroad, Aquadecor has the right to require advance payment of 100% of the asking price as a condition for acceptance of the offer and in order to start making the product.
  • The cost of packaging and delivery is included in the total product price, however it does not include cost of duties, which may vary between countries.
  • Any costs for customs clearance must be paid by the buyer for shipment.
  • It takes around 10-12 business days to make a background. Custom projects, larger backgrounds, backgrounds made to fit custom filters and similar, require more time to be made.
  • Delivery usually takes 5-15 business days. During busier times of the year, such as major holidays and similar, delivery can take longer. This depends on many factors such as your location, customs clearance and other. Most packages are tracked, but tracking websites are not updated on a daily basis and don't always provide detailed information. We are not responsible if a package arrives later than planned, because this doesn't depend on us. When placing an order, make sure to take into account that your order might arrive later than planned. This does not mean that the packages is lost, it simply means it needs more time to be delivered. If your order was sent in two or more packages, it is very common that they don't arrive at the same time.
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