Aquadecor will collect personal data about participants; in case business entities take part in the game, data regarding these entities will be collected. Data collected is used solely for identification purposes and is obligatory under Article 45 of the Law of Advertising in the Republic of Serbia.

Except for the first and last name and photo of the participant, all of the personal data required for entry will not be seen, nor accessible by other participants; all personal data provided will not be openly accessible on the internet. Providing personal data to Aquadecor is voluntary; however, participants not willing to enter personal data understand and accept that they will not be entered into the sweepstakes.

In case the participant agrees to provide information, according to aforementioned Article 45, the participant acknowledges all personal data provided is accurate and up-to-date. The participant is fully entitled to revoke consent on any and all provisions listed, and has the right to ask that his or her photos be substituted or removed.

Participants of the sweepstakes also accept that all uploaded photos will be watermarked by Aquadecor. Aquadecor reserves the right to alter the provided photo by any means deemed suitable, including but not limited to resizing, cropping, editing, et al. for marketing purposes.

According to Articles 17 and 18 under the Law of Electronic Commerce in the Republic of Serbia, Aquadecor is not responsible for any personal data or content collected and stored in the Aquadecor database.

Under Article 19 as part of the Law of Electronic Commerce in the Republic of Serbia, Aquadecor is not responsible for any content posted by participants on any other website, including but not limited to advertisements, messages on social networks, polls or surveys, posted links that lead back to our web page where the participants’ pictures have been published, or any other social network or website where these pictures are posted.

Aquadecor reserves the right to use and post the participants’ likeness by means of photographs on Aquadecor’s social media pages, official website, promotional and advertising materials, and elsewhere on the Internet for the duration of the contest.

In case that the photographs submitted and posted on Aquadecor’s social media pages are not accessible to some or all users for any and all unspecified amount of time, or any other number of unforeseen technical difficulties related to Aquadecor’s website or server, Aquadecor does not take responsibility for any damages that should arise due to such circumstances.

Aquadecor holds the right to refuse any participant and the subsequent publishing of his or her pictures without any obligation to give reasons for such decisions; in such cases, Aquadecor takes no responsibility for possible damages, personal or material, arising from this decision.

The collection, processing, and storing of data carried out by Aquadecor is fully in accordance with the legislation laid out by the Republic of Serbia. Such rules and regulations may be viewed in more detail upon request from Aquadecor.

By submitting my photos to Aquadecor and participating in the “Only Nature Can Copy Us 2018” sweepstakes, I fully acknowledge and willingly accept the terms and conditions laid out in this document.