All the aquarium equipment that you need

It’s not hard to make a tank according to your wishes and needs, says Vladimir Mirkov from the Serbian Aquarists Association and points out that they should be manufactured by professionals for safety and durability reasons. Professionals will give you the right advice about the necessary aquarium equipment.

Smaller aquariums have a volume of 40-60 liters. The ones with the higher volume are big ones which can carry even 300 liters of water.

Platy fish, zebrafish and especially guppy, which capture our attention with their colors, are an ideal choice for beginners. Their price and undemanding nature make them very affordable. For those that choose to keep plants, bacopa, rotala and some types of underwater moss and fern are ideal.

Considering that the aforementioned plants don’t have big needs and are fast-growing, it’s possible to buy them at a very popular price.

Aquarium equipment

The price of the tank is determined according to its volume. One liter of an entire aquarium, with all the necessary elements and a stand costs from 2 to 4 euros. For those with special requests, the price is adjusted to the buyer but you should keep in mind that the tank and its equipment are a long-term investment. This goes for the durable equipment but the expendable products such as food, plant nutrients, and some additional products depend on the inhabitants of the tank and preferences of their owners – says Vladimir Mirkov from the Aquarists Association.


Lighting is important

The type of lighting depends on what should be in the spotlight, the fish or the plants. Fish needs basic lighting while plants need more. If you are looking for more information about aquarium lightning you should read our previous blog, where we talk about types of aquarium lighting and witch one should you get for your aquarium.

You can’t go without heating

The heater strength depends on the volume of the tank and starts from 50W for smaller volumes and 200W for bigger ones. For extremely large tanks it’s necessary to use more heaters.

Custom filter

A filter is bought according to the volume of the tank. For smaller volumes internal motor filter is the ideal one and the external is ideal for all tanks. The only flaw is that it needs to be placed next to the tank. The best esthetic solution is a canister filter which can be hidden in the stand. If you breed fish, pay closer attention to this part of the aquarium equipment. Here is all you need to know before choosing an aquarium filter.

aquarium filters

Useful tip

Smart fish

Underwater fishermen say that the fish around coral reefs got smarter. They learned that fish escapes to a distance of a rope on the harpoon in places where they often fish with underwater guns.