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Wooden custom models

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Sets of logs, leaves, roots and bottom rocks

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Trees, roots and rocks

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For wall mounted and room dividers

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Slim Panels

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Protective rubber mats for Cichlid aquariums

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Saltwater program

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JUWEL® 3D backgrounds

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New backround models for year 2020

    Classic Rocks - A Models

    Classic rocks aquarium backgrounds have become an absolute customers’ favorite over the past few years. A large variety of designs and colors, as well as their natural look, is what makes them ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids, or any other species that have rocks as a part of their natural habitat. We recommend classic rocks aquarium backgrounds (A models) for smaller, medium-sized and larger fish tanks. These backgrounds come in several pieces for a simple and easy setup and need to be glued to the glass using silicone for aquariums. They can be accompanied by the bottom and overhanging rocks in the same design and color. Each aquarium background can be made in any color you see on our website. If you want to find out how equipment can be hidden behind a background, please visit this page about setting up.

    Wooden custom models - B Models

    Wooden custom 3D aquarium backgrounds are one of our most popular models, but unlike A models which were designed mostly for African cichlids, these backgrounds were designed for those who keep species such as Central American or South American cichlids, and are especially popular with Discus fish keepers. We would like to note that these custom models can be created according to your instructions and based on a photo of a real piece of wood/roots that you can send us, or an aquarium decorated in a similar way. That can be done by clicking on the contact page.

    Direct link to B models

    Rocky custom models - C Models

    Rocky custom 3D aquarium backgrounds were designed for large, mega aquariums with width that exceeds 60 cm (23 inches) and for those who would like a complete setup. This is why these sets come with various additions, such as side panels and bottom rocks. If you want an idea how to decorate your cichlid aquarium, or you are looking for a complete “story”, C models are will be perfect for you. Bottom rocks that come with these models do not need to be glued to the bottom, can be moved around and help create more caves and hiding spots when placed next to the background, which is why cichlids simply love them.

    Sets of logs, leaves, roots and bottom rocks - D Models

    Logs, leaeves, roots and bottom rocks are sets of additional items that have been added to our offer after being highly requested by our customers. Now you can buy rocks and logs in sets of 7, 10, 15 or 20 pieces, and beside a great discount, we offer free shipping for them. These logs are especially popular because they don’t have to be weighed down or soaked, they are ready to be placed in your aquarium immediately. We offer some suggestions on how they can be set up, but you are free to choose how to place them and create your own unique setup.

    Trees, roots and rocks - E Models

    If you are looking for a perfect aquarium background for your Discus fish, other American cichlids or any species found in Amazonian habitat, one of our trees, roots and rocks aquarium backgrounds (E models) is just what you need. Created with a special technique, these backgrounds are flexible and durable, and the most important thing is- nobody would be able to tell whether it’s real tree or not! That’s why our trees, roots and rocks aquarium backgrounds are in high demand. Order them with additional logs for a complete setup. If you want to know more about how equipment can be hidden behind a background, please visit this page about setting up

    For wall mounted and room dividers - F Models

    For wall mounted and room dividers aquarium backgrounds (F model) can be used in two ways- to decorate a room divider fish tank or to decorate a standard aquarium mounted on a wall. In the first case, the background, which consists of several larger and smaller rocks, is viewable from both front and back sides, and even from the left or right side, if desired. In the second case, the background only partially covers the walls previously covered with black or navy blue foil. Each aquarium background can be made in any color you see on our website. If you want to find out how equipment can be hidden behind a background, please visit this page about setting up.

    Slim Panels - G Models

    Our slim 3D aquarium backgrounds have become popular not only for their natural look and a small space they take up in the fish tank but for their extreme durability and a lifetime warranty they come with as well. Slim 3D aquarium backgrounds are flexible enough to be placed in a tank with crossbars, and if needed, can be cut in half for an easier setup and maintenance. They do not need to be siliconed as they are not made of light materials and thus stay in place. Empty space behind the glass and the slim background can be filled with bio-filtration or any other filtration of your choice. If you want to find out more about hiding equipment behind a slim background, please visit this page about setting up.

    Protective rubber mats for Cichlid aquariums - J Models

    If you choose to decorate your aquarium with real stones and massive rocks, you are probably aware of all the risks you are taking.
    Besides potentially ruining the natural look of your aquarium, cichlids can cause serious damage by digging holes in the sand. Rocks crashing and falling directly to the glass can cause the bottom of the aquarium to break. For that reason, before adding sand, we suggest putting Aquadecor protective rubber mats.

    Instead of revealing the glass, cichlids digging a hole will come across the rubber mat, which will serve as a protective layer and prevent any damage to the glass.
    Mats come in more than 20 realistic designs. Your mat can match the color of your aquarium background, or the shade of the rocks you plan to place on it. It is recommended, although not necessary, to cover the entire bottom of the aquarium. A mat can also be placed on those areas where you plan to put real rocks. Available in all measurements, in regular and irregular shapes.

    Get a free quote via email address: [email protected]

    Saltwater program - K models

    Due to a great interest, a lot of questions and requests from our customers and visitors on our website, we decided to add 3D backgrounds and decorations for marine aquariums to our offer. Besides standard 3D backgrounds, the line will include additional bottom segments and sea sponges. We certainly plan to expand the selection to other marine decorations such as corals and other natural decorations that can be found in salt waters. Please do not mind our currently small line, we are working hard to expand it in the near future.

    Custom created models - L Models

    Due to great interest in thematic aquarium backgrounds, we at Aquadecor started making decorations for aquariums inspired by designs of your choice.
    If you want to order something like this, you can choose any of our suggested models or simply upload a photo of what you want and we will make it in your preferred size. If you want to see more pieces like this, or 3D interior walls, follow us on Instagram @terradecorart or Facebook @terradecorart

    You can send us what you want on contact page


    JUWEL® 3D backgrounds - M Models

    3D Backgrounds for JUWEL® AQUARIUMS
    Due to high demand for 3D backgrounds for aquariums made by Juwel®, with the official approval from Juwel®, we present backgrounds made specially for these aquariums. These backgrounds have filter covers that fit perfectly in every Juwel® aquarium, and since the measurements are standard, the production of these backgrounds will take not more than 5 business days. If you have a Juwel® aquarium and would like to decorate it in a modern and effective way, feel free to choose any of the models listed below: